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Raise the Bar! by Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer

Raise the Bar
by Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer

Spike TV's 'Bar Rescue' host and co-producer Jon Taffer authors a powerhouse, no-nonsense book that expands and delivers on his "Reaction Management" principles that are featured on the hit TV show that chronicles Taffer's never-fail, leave-the-BS-at-the-door victories as he transforms struggling and failing bars and restaurants into lasting maximum profit machines to be embraced and enjoyed by their owners, staffs and especially their desired customer base.

In addition to the popular and dynamic TV show, Taffer has overseen the recovery and turnaround of over 1000 bars and restaurants and also puts on the largest annual tradeshow in the Nightclub and Bar Industry. He is widely regarded as the "Go-To Guy" in the Food & Beverage business.

Learn about the business, your customers, "Bar Science" and even yourself in this top-selling book from a leading authority with proof to spare. Program your customers to react the way your business needs starting today employing Jon Taffer's tactics and experience. Following his actionable strategies, you can't miss.

See what all of the buzz is about!!

TOP Rated Product!

Top Bar Rated Product!

Running a Bar for DUMMIES!

Running a Bar for DUMMIES!

This classic publication simplifies the concepts behind opening and running your own bar! Easy to understand information, well organized and remarkably thorough, this book cuts to the chase on such issues such as the legal and business aspects of opening and running a bar all the way to handling demanding clientele and tricky employees. A great, on-point read for starters and veterans alike. Don't miss it!

4 out of 5 Stars!

4 out of 5 Stars!

Since 1999, serial entrepreneur Dave Livinsky and the Growthink team have helped thousands of small business owners, entrepreneurs and niche business professionals develop, implement and execute top-performing business plans, investment strategies, and key business tactics that anyone can put into practice to start driving toward their business goals and achieving their dreams TODAY. With no surprise, Dave and his team have gotten an immense amount of positive recognition from the press and the business community.

Give Dave a chance to convince you, too!

TOP Rated Product!

Top Rated Business Plan Product!

Growthink's Ultimate Business Plan Template

So what's the problem? Your restaurant is AMAZING. The atmosphere and decor are unparralleled in their graspe of taste. You have the top talent in the kitchen using only the freshest ingredients for the hippest menu in recorded human history. However, the stools around your swanky full bar are empty and it seems like no one even knows you're HERE! Of course it's frustrating, and it's the number one enemy of every bar and food service operator throughout the land. Always has been, is now and always will be. So how do you beat it? The answer is easy, but the underlying complexities often escape even the most thoughtful and intelligent restaurateurs. Marketing your establishment needs to be a primary, ongoing goal for your business if you want to stay in business and thrive. This well-mapped out book teaches you to think and behave successfully and use the tricks the big boys use to pack their places day in and day out. Think how much of a difference that will make! Even if you are sure you are doing everything you can for your business, better be sure by giving this book and the included bonus reports a read.

3 1/2 out of 5 Stars!

3 1/2 out of 5 Stars!

Restaurant Marketing Secrets

Professional Bar and Beverage Manager's Handbook
This extensive professional publication covers everything you need to know to run successful beverage operation. Besides Mixology and recipes alone, this easy-to-understand book covers such topics in detail as financial management, the many ways of streamlining your beverage operation, staying up to date with trends, implementing strategies for growth and consistent profit. A remarkable resource for existing operators and beginners alike, it contains ready-to-use forms, a companion CD-ROM with forms from the book in PDF format and a 100+ Page Business Plan in Microsoft Word format. An absolute must have for anyone calling themselves a bar and beverage professional! Get it HERE!

TOP Rated Product!

Top Rated Bar Management Product!

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