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Never before has there been the abundance of information and technology available right at our fingertips as there is today. Internet, satellites, networks, information databases, cable television, radio, smartphones, tablets, and even print media are churning out more and more information than ever before.

Even in light of all of this media saturation and overwhelming amount of detailed and thorough information, sometimes it's good just to stick to the tried-and-true basics.

We have found that over the years, a simple "pros and cons" list can be very persuasive when deciding your next move in any endeavor.

Now, we admit that our website is certainly not focused on the pitfalls and negatives of the bar and beverage business; they do exist - but risks can be leveraged with the right tools and proper management!

We have chosen instead to highlight just TEN (10) of the [sometimes] obvious reasons to start a bar for you here below as a reminder of the upsides!

Happy reading!

The top ten reasons to open your own bar are:

1. YOU ARE YOUR OWN BOSS! Imagine ALL OF THE FREEDOM that comes with that!

2. Your earning potential is UNLIMITED!

3. You will know the pride of owning your own bar business!

4. There are many tax and financial advantages to owning a business!

5. You will be the ENVY of friends and family and be admired!

6. Bar, Nightclub and Tavern businesses create JOBS!

7. You're always at the party. YOU OWN IT!

8. You can watch the big game... AT WORK!

9. You can meet new people whenever you want, all of the time! With a steady stream of people coming through your doors, make business connections, make new friends or even start a new romance...

10. The workplace will look and operate as YOU desire! No more taking orders from knuckleheads and putting up with things you don't like at work! You don't like it? CHANGE IT!

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