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How to Start a Bar

Every day, many people firmly decide to start their own businesses. But, make no mistake, being resolute doesn't take the place of being informed and having a plan. Bars, Taverns, Pubs and Restaurants are certainly no exception to needing ownership and management who understand planning and take a responsible and tactical approach to business at every stage of development.

No matter how confident and determined a new business owner might be, without the proper research and information, getting started can be overwhelming at first. Making sense of your options and putting a solid strategy together when starting a new bar business is key. It is much harder and more expensive to correct any negative momentums in business should they arise if you have not wisely laid out your path from the beginning. Sure, business trends and dynamics can change, so you need to be adaptable. The food and beverage business is notorious for this. Being organized and prepared with the right information from the start ensures a successful upstart and your ability to "roll with the punches" should it ever become necessary to do so. Being rigidly controlled by bad decisions or unwise commitments made early on can make it challenging when change needs to be made in order to keep you bar business on the right track.

Don't worry, having confidence in yourself and your new bar business is GOOD, but to be truly GREAT, you need to be reasonable and accept help in all forms when it is offered. No one knows it all, and every good business person knows that listening to others and honing your craft is essential. Being knowledgeable about what you do is a close second to being confident, and no one shows you how to open a bar or tavern like connects you with tools and information that helps you learn:

•  Where to open a bar or tavern - Find a location that is not over saturated with competition or even how to beat them if you want!

•  Where and when to secure the right amount of financing and how to find sources of business financing you may not have even known exist!

•  Who are the right professionals to evaluate and retain to help and advise you in regard the legal and financial aspects of your new bar business - IMPORTANT!

•  How to get the permits and permissions to build or amend an existing property to accommodate you bar - build it from scratch, convert or add-on... You're the boss!

•  How to contact the right local government authorities where you plan to operate and receive their blessing - from Liquor Licenses to OSHA to the Department of Agriculture - You need to know this FIRST!

•  How to select contractors and tradesmen specific to the food and beverage business - Why trust a novice when you need a professional!

•  How and where to get unknown, industry-specific insider secrets that can destroy the business dreams of newbies - Protect yourself from threats to your new or existing business and realize the full profit potential from your bar. Many bars suffer from needless and unseen losses and never really make the explosive kind of cash they are capable of! Don't be one of them!

•  How to get real price breaks from vendors, contractors, suppliers and government agencies for the operational supplies and services you need the most! Why pay more?

•  How to design an amazing theme for your bar - Sports Bar? Wine Bar? Corner Pub? Nightclub? Brew Pub? So many choices... which one is right for you? See how to realize your vision perfectly with the least amount of hassle.

•  How to have a really FUN bar! Should your bar have live music, cigar smoking, karaoke, pool tables, dart boards, bar-top video games or even a chicken wing special? Learn how to read your guests like a book, react to it and know your neighborhood better than the people living in it.

•  How to properly interview, select, hire, employ and maintain winning relationships with industry-specific employees - Having a great staff is crucial to success. Find the best Bartenders, Cocktails Servers, Bar Backs, Cooks and especially Managers and train them to do exactly what you want. Learn the tricks to be a hero and a savvy people person that will have every bar employee in town wanting to work for you and every guest coming back for more day in and day out!

•  How to capitalize on market trends and evolve - never be stuck when business changes! You call the shots!

•  How to create a menu that has your guests salivating and designing specials to keep them interested in only one bar in town - YOURS! You will learn how to pick the right products to feature and even how to raise the price and have your guests THANK you for it!

And so much, much more...

Use our suggested tools to learn how to open a bar or tavern successfully in the least amount of time necessary! With the right attitude, information and a business plan, the sky is the limit in the bar and restaurant business. Remember, a driven business owner armed with an unbeatable game plan is a force to be reckoned with and will dominate the market and competition. Start YOUR bar today!

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