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How to Open a Pub

There are many advantages and disadvantages to opening or starting a Pub, or Public House. Many of these are discussed in a similar article on our site, "How to Open a Bar."

While similar to bars, pubs have traditionally been different for a few traditional reasons:

• Even though they, too, are drinking establishments, pubs tend to be more prevalent in villages and small towns customarily.

• Pubs were many times the convivial epicenter of the community with various townspeople of all walks, trades and statuses making their way through, throughout the day and week.

• Pubs tend to have more of an aged, rustic, and simple appeal that can transport the visitor to a more relaxed time and place.

• Pubs were and often still are attached to breweries and inns.

• Pubs are thought of as a enterprise borrowed from England by America's New England region, but actually have roots that can be traced the world over for hundreds of years or longer! Recent rekindled interests in America's European heritage and a shift in customer venue demand have exposed more of the population than ever before to the Pub business model. These trends are causing the Public House model growing and rooting significantly throughout North America and beyond!

• Pubs developed out of a different drinking lineage and community need than bars. Many times, they were often beer houses offering a house brand or limited selection whereas bars had a larger variety of offerings, ranging from various beers and wines from different regions and distilled spirits.

• Pubs almost always have a quaint, relaxed and simple atmosphere and menu and are frequented by regulars customers compared to many bars, which are decidedly different in many ways ranging from noise and make-up of the patron base.

• Pubs, unlike bars and clubs, don't necessarily limit their professional appeal to drinking alone. Many operators have an expansive selection of produce, various goods, groceries and sundries and sometimes even distribute the town mail there!

For more information on the history and operation of Pubs, we found Wikipedia's entry a very interesting read.

This page points to a similar article on our site, "How to Open a Bar."

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