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15 Important Guest Signals - Section Seven:
Handling Bar and Dining Guests with Questions

7. "The Grand Inquisitor"

Every now and then, it's nice to interact with a guest who has a few questions. There is nothing more flattering than being able to show off all of those semi-useless pub factoids that you have crammed into your bar-bird-brain over the years, but take heed... Even the most genuine and simple exchanges can lead to a clingy, attention-starved guest that won't let you slide away smoothly to the next guest that needs your face. By all means, ALWAYS answer patron questions to the best of your ability, but develop a service-style that accommodates guests in a friendly & knowledgeable way without making new BFFs every time. If you can't break away, feign a simple escape such as a page from the Chef or a supply run.

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