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15 Important Guest Signals - Section Five:
Dealing with Guests Waiting to be Served

5. "The Rubber-Necker" a.k.a. "The Searcher"

Next up, we have "The Rubber-Necker." Looking right. Searching left. Perching in their seat to see across the room over their companion. Posting-up at the bar to command regular service. We know it seems pretty dramatic, but your past or present level of service may have given them a reason to be fidgety. Maybe a negative review proceeded their visit, but they gave it a chance anyways. No matter what the cause, you have been pre-judged and they are waiting for you to make a mistake so they may pass sentence.

Maybe they're just missing something? A menu? A sugar caddy? No one has greeted them yet? Are they waiting on someone else? We're not saying to rewrite the S.O.P. for the Restaurant or Bar, but know they are looking for their server. Regularly. On time. As expected.

Step one is to identify the guest's actual need. So stop by and greet them as soon as you can. Act normal, but attentive. Listen to them carefully. Remember, this type of guest is often very demanding. If they're fine, decrease the frequency of visits from "annoying" to "attentive" and continue to read the guest throughout their stay. Their level of satisfaction will rise and fall by your performance. They will definitely resort to self-service as soon as you disappear for your ill-timed cigarette. Remember to get the manager involved right away if you detect a guest's visit to be deteriorating and you have done all that you can to accommodate them.

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