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15 Important Guest Signals - Section Fifteen:
Recognizing Difficult Problem Guest Behaviors

Dealing with challenging guests and their behavior in Bars and Nightclubs.

15. "The Hustler" a.k.a. "The Big Spender"

Meet "The Hustler," a strange mutation of "The Modifier" and "The V.I.P.," with one major exception: A champagne-lifestyle on draft-beer-budget. Re-familiarize yourself with his strangely obvious tactics; "The Knot" a.k.a. the wad of ones with a large bill wrapped around it that he waves like the flag of I-am-better-than-you-istan. Sunglasses at night. His brand new Jersey Shore meets Scarface wardrobe. Just about flashy everything. This guy always has something to prove, and he'll drag you and your place through the dirt to do it.

Rounds and rounds of sophisticated shots and high-end tequilas with no tip, time after time. The constant "Serve Me Now!" vibe coming at you from him and his posse in the rudest of solicitations. He wants the biggest and best of everything you have to offer and he won't want to pay for any of it - now or later. The house rules never apply to him. He's far too good for that, he spends more than you'll ever make and goes out of his way to remind you of that. But, don't dispair, even pee-ons get to pull up a stool in the front row and watch the magic show when he gets the tab and comes up with every possible explanation why he deserves his drinks for free! For all of your hard work, you will see zero gratuity. None.

It is easy to get frustrated, and rightly so, but, in attempting to adhere to our "All customers are celebrities" approach, try not to forget that proper service is where you will defeat this act. When served properly and responsibly, this type will not be able to anchor themselves in your bar. Sure, it's great to have him dropping money on the house (occasionally), but how many guests had to wait for a drink when he ordered his massive round for his friends. How dejected are the staffers serving him and are they taking it to their next guests? Serve or not to serve? We think it evens out, really. Practicing responsible service will force him and his party-hearty crowd to move on where they can corner the bar in their domineering fashion.

As for the hustling over the tab, make sure to always practice consistency in preparing, serving and charging for drinks and be clear about resolving any dissatisfactions immediately at the time of service. Get a Manager involved the moment anything becomes sketchy with this type. With the proper leverage, a capable manager will easily get this charlatan to pony up. He won't be back to feed on you again when he understands that your bar is on the level.

In conclusion, we hope this article has helped to remind you of some of the guests we interact with and serve in our establishments and the challenges they present. We hoped to have introduced you to some new methods to solve the every day situations you may face, and, more importantly, to change your way of thinking when dealing with them. Let it also be a reminder that we've all been there - maybe even on both sides!

For more information or for answers to unique situations, feel free to email us.

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