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15 Important Guest Signals - Section Fourteen:
How to Deal with Argumentative Bar Customers

Solutions for dealing with argumentative bar customers.

14. "The Debater"

Inevitably, in the course of human events, it becomes entirely necessary to debate and to explain to everyone around us our views and philosophies as they apply to the perceivable world around us. While we really don't agree with telling people they CAN'T talk about some things (we have actually heard that), it is important to recognize the topics that need to get changed and quick.

Religion, politics, sports and the news of the day are felonious repeat offenders when you add alcohol, excitement and passion to any conversational situation. These convivial discussions and back-and-forths will quickly derail when one of the participants becomes angry, offended or say it isn't so - intoxicated. It's only natural, and, dare we say, not even wrong. We'll never all see eye-to-eye on everything and what other venue better than a bar setting to discuss these things?

It's important to regularly observe our guests and audibly peek in on conversations without being intrusive or inappropriate. A private conversation will almost always remain private, so no need to really get involved. It is undoubtedly the controversial topics that will cause concern when voices go up and brows furl. Constant monitoring in the form of routine visits by a friendly, sober barkeeper will keep guests grounded and remind them, despite the charged atmosphere, that they are in a public place, with friends and are subject to embarrassing themselves if it goes too far.

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