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15 Important Guest Signals - Section Thirteen:
VIP Guests and Bottle Service in Nightclubs

Providing Bottle Service to VIPs in Nightclubs and Bars

13. "The V.I.P."

"No valet parking? What kind of a place is this?" A GREAT place... and as soon as all of the pretentiousness dissipates, your uppity guests will see that. Everyone wants to feel important - glamorous, dressed-to-the-nines, getting tons of attention and respect. You know the routine. It's nearly impossible to flip open a magazine, turn on a television or radio, or boot up your tablet without feeling the pressure to be somebody extraordinary these days and to recognize those individuals that are of an elevated status.

Whether you agree with all of the hype or not, the truth of the matter is that bars and nightclubs, particularly the latter, have long been the places to see and be seen amongst our peers. Not a day passes where we don't see a snapshot of a celebrity posing with pals at a hip Hollywood nightspot or hear a news report about yet another scandal with it's origins in a nightclub incident. That being said, people showing up dressed to kill, stepping out of the flashiest cars and throwing money all around is only bound to happen, right?

Our experience has been you only really hear about and seldom entertain the wildest of those folks, but you will still often encounter personalities and egos that definitely fit the mold. We say it's not really a bad thing, provided flash isn't upsetting to [other] guests or staff and that your atmosphere accommodates it. No one is going to understand why you're having an impromptu 'White Party' in a dive bar. Follow?

A truly GREAT Nightclub needs to have atmosphere, be clean, be safe, be quality and have good-looking people as moving parts in order to justify Bottle Service and VIP Areas. Rope it off and put some suits on the boys. Bring a beautician in for the girls and give proper service clinics with your vendors to push their products. Add some hype, a DJ to kick out a smooth vibe then ceaslessly market and promote to the right crowd.

Let's not forget; giving and getting remarkably great service is all about pandering to the comfort levels of the underlying base human ego. Everyone wants to be noticed, respected, treated well, catered to and to feel good about their appearance and how they fit in where they are. Not to mention expected value standards when paying exorbitant markups and cover door admission fees charged by many nightclubs and hotspots.

So then, why not have an atmosphere and establishment that encourages guests to feel good about looking and feeling their best? More importantly, to feel good about spending their money?! Treat every guest and patron like a celebrity, deliver on expectations consistently and serve them with a 'Rock Star' staff - just don't allow them to look or act like a bunch of rowdy roadies or nosy paparazzi.

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