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15 Important Guest Signals - Section Ten:
Dealing with Rude and Obnoxious Bar Customers

Dealing with Rude and Obnoxious Bar Customers

10. "The Eye-Roller" a.k.a. "Rudey McTwoShoes"

We get asked all of the time about how to salvage the hopeless customer who seems like they are about to get up and walk out with every attempt at interaction with them. For every "How is your cocktail, Miss?" you ask, you may hear "It's fine, I guess." Or how about "Nice weather we're having to this week?" and in reply all you get back is a jaded look.

The truth is, everyone has a different personality and may going through any one of life's numerous daily challenges. A bad day at work, an argument with a family member or just good old fashioned car trouble is all it takes to get most anyone in a foul mood. Add a little alcohol to the mix and you might have a ticking time-bomb!

Let's get serious for a second; you need to first observe your guest and take note of whether or not this individual became irritable or sarcastic WHILE at your Bar. If they arrived cranky, it may have nothing to do with you. No matter what, it's still going to be an issue while you serve them. A little casual conversation (as much is available) may reveal that another employee just made her a terrible frozen daiquiri or that he/she waited twenty-five minutes on their last trip here for an appetizer and that history appears to be repeating itself on this visit. These are issues you can correct and turn his or her guest experience around by being on point! Get the Manager involved if there is a larger issue where comping or discipline may be involved.

IMPORTANT: If they're set on being a "grumpy gus," and you're doing your job properly, be polite but leave them to their own devices. Keep a watchful eye out that they don't infect other guests with their negative vibes. Again, involve the Manager when appropriate and remember you are never obligated to serve an unpleasant guest, even if they are NOT visibly intoxicated.

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